Code of Ethics & Rules


1. We look after our clients’ interest at all times. We aim to make our clients feel comfortable ad secure at our premise.

2. We protect our clients’ confidentiality at all times. Customers’ information is only used for the purpose of internal monitoring of treatment, payment and internal marketing activities.

3. We uphold integrity and demonstrate professionalism.

4. We do not deploy any form of pressure selling or unethical sales tactics at all times. Clients are assured that there will not be any selling activities conducted during treatments.

5. We honour the prices indicated in our website, advertisements, spa packages and service menu.


1. HAN Dynasty offers services to both male and female clients. Separate treatment rooms (with attached shower facilities) are available for both genders.

2. New customers will need to provide customer information to enable the spa to perform internal administration activities such as contacting customers, billing, monitoring of treatments etc. New customers also need to fill up a simple health questionnaire to help the spa assess your health conditions so that we are able to recommend the appropriate spa treatment for you. Please be assured that we will treat the customer information as confidential information and use the information only for the purpose of internal administration and monitoring purposes.

3. If you are feeling unwell, are pregnant, have high blood pressure, allergies or any other medical complaints or condition, please inform our spa consultant/therapist. This will help us recommend appropriate treatments or take necessary precautions. Please note that all treatments are taken at your own risk. If you have any doubt, please consult your doctor in advance.

4. To keep the spa clean, our customers will have to leave their footwear at the allocated area.

5. Our staff will guide you to change into the appropriate attire prior to the start of the treatment. Please keep all your valuables within the lockers provided. We discourage our customers from wearing or bringing jewellery/valuables during your spa visit as they may need to be removed for the treatment. The spa will not take responsibility of any losses of valuables within the spa.

6. As all our customers come to the spa for relaxation and rejuvenation purposes, we will appreciate that our customers can refrain from speaking loudly in the spa. Mobile phones and electronic gadgets are discouraged from being brought into the treatment areas. If it is necessary to bring them into the treatment room, please switch to silent mode. Please respect the privacy of all our customers.

7. Please note that smoking is prohibited in the spa, in accordance to Singapore Law. No outside food or drinks is allowed in the spa.

8. To help the spa better schedule our appointments so that you can have your desired time slot and therapist, we recommend that our customers contact us at least 3 days before their preferred treatment date. While we may not be able to guarantee that we can accommodate your desired slot, we will do our utmost to commit our resources to meet your preferred schedule and therapist.

9. Please arrive at the spa at least 10 minutes before the appointment time. Late arrival may result in shortening of the treatment time. Should you be expected to be late, please contact the spa consultant earlier so that appropriate adjustment may be made.

10. Please note that we will hold all appointments for a maximum of 10 minutes, after which treatment time may be either shortened or cancelled. It is for all our customers’ consideration that appointment times be kept punctual because it affects everyone else’s booking. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

11. The spa seeks the understanding of customers to refrain from changing their mind about the type of treatment they want after informing the spa consultant or therapist as some of the treatments require ingredient preparation and once the ingredients are prepared, we are unable to change the treatment for you.

12. For our pay-per-use treatments, our spa collects payment from customers upfront, that is before the treatment session. For cash payment, please note that the spa only accepts Singapore dollars. The spa also accepts NETS payment.

13. Our treatment prices quoted include the provision of service, usage of the spa premise, beverages served, materials used and the prevailing GST (if any). All prices indicated in our service menu, promotional menu, website and other communication channels are NETT and would have included prevailing GST (if any). Therefore all prices indicated are NETT.

14. Please note that all pay-per-use treatments utilised are strictly non-refundable. However, as part of our service guarantee, for customers who decide not to continue with the treatment for any reason, they can inform the therapist within the first 10 mins of the treatment session. For such cases, any payment collected before the treatment session will be refunded to the customers in full. Beyond the first 10 mins, there will be strictly no refund in any case. For the terms and conditions of our spa packages, please refer to the Package Terms and Conditions Form.